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Farewell Spit nature reserve is a bird sanctuary and wetland of international importance.  The spit is around 35 kilometres long and public access is restricted to the first 4 kilometres.  The tours started as the mail delivery to the Lighthouse keepers and their families.  The lighthouse is automated these days, but the visitors keep coming - drawn by the special qualities of this unique spot and by the deep historical and natural knowledge shared by our local guides.

Location: Tasman Street, Golden Bay.


Distance from Town: Collingwood is the departure point for this tour which is 2.5 hours from Nelson, so allow plenty of time.


Departures: Due to the tidal nature of this tour, departure times can vary from 6am through till 4pm.

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Help Notes:

  • Bring a jacket, shoes for the beach camera and binoculars.
  • Please reconfirm your tour 24 hours prior to tour departure.
  • We recommend staying over-night in Takaka pre or post this tour as is is 2.5 hours drive from Nelson to Collingwood.

Available Activities:
Farewell Spit Eco Tour

Hear the history of Puponga and New Zealand's first Radar Station.  See where Whales strand and uncover the mystery of the migrant waders.  During the summer there are thousands of godwits and knots at the Spit as well as other Northern migratory birds.  Explore historic Farewell Spit Lighthouse, enjoy stunning views of the Tasman coastline and climb a sand dune for panoramic views of the intertidal plain.  Stop at Fossil Point, where fossilised shells and wormcasts emerge from blocks of mudstone cliffs.

Minimum Numbers: No minimum numbers.

Suitable for Children: Yes.

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