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Skydive Lake Wanaka

Skydive Lake Wanaka
Welcome to Skydive Lake Wanaka - New Zealand's most spectacular high altitude tandem skydive. Where else can you strap yourself to a beautiful stranger and leap from our brand new turbine aircraft from 12,000 or 15,000ft. Capture 360 degree views of New Zealand's highest snow capped peaks including Aoraki/ Mt Cook and Tititea/ Mt Aspiring - Southern Alps that tower above the World Heritage Mt Aspiring National Park where glaciers feed forested river valleys and glistening lakes. Have an exhilarating freefall at 200kph before experiencing a magical parachute ride; soaring above the most inspiring and dramatic alpine scenery; before landing safely back at our drop zone at Wanaka Airport.

Main Office: Mustang Lane at the Wanaka Airport. Just 10 minutes drive from Wanaka township. 

Distance to Town: 10km

Departures: Daily during daylight hours. Morning and afternoon jumps on demand. Closed Christmas Day.

Transfers: Provided from Wanaka accommodation.

Inclusions: Complimentary transfers from Wanaka, wireless Internet, briefing, tandem instructor, all safety and skydiving equipment -gloves, hats and goggles.

Minimum Numbers: 2

Jump Options: 12,000ft or 15,000ft 

 Extra's: DVD and photography options are available for an additional fee.

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Help Notes:


We are extremely weather dependent - so we ask our customers to call us 30 minutes prior to their booking to check weather conditions and that we are running on schedule.

Weight must not exceed 100kgs/15.5 stone/ 220lbs

There is a minimum of two people for each jump.



What's the minimum age limit? There is no age limit as such. It is more dependent on the confidence/height and weight of the child and how the harness fits. Children under the age of 12 need to come out to the drop zone, meet the staff and be fitted in a harness before we can confirm that they can jump. Anyone who is under 18 years of age will need the written consent of a parent or guardian.

What's the maximum age limit? There is no age limit as such. So long as you are in good physical health and have a sense of adventure we encourage you to come and see us for an unforgettable experience.

Where is Skydive Lake Wanaka's Drop Zone? Wanaka Airport, a few minutes drive from Wanaka or one hours drive from Queenstown.

How long will my skydive take? Your whole tandem skydive experience will take around two hours.

What do I wear for tandem skydiving? Skydive Lake Wanaka will provide your tandem skydiving jumpsuit, helmet, goggles and gloves. You will need to wear sensible, secure footwear and warm clothing for the New Zealand winter.

Can I wear glasses/contacts? Yes, you can wear either glasses or contacts. We give you goggles that will fit over your glasses or contacts. Please let your instructor know if you are wearing contacts.

Can my friends and family come and watch me Skydiving? Yes. We have excellent facilities at our Skydive Lake Wanaka drop zone.

Can I take my camera in the plane with me and during my skydive? For safety reasons you are not able to take anything in the plane with you. Cameras can come out during freefall and hit the instructor in the face.

Can I go in the plane if I am not jumping? No. Everyone in the plane must wear a parachute - even our pilot. And once the door is open everyone in the plane has to jump out.

Can we all jump at the same time? We can jump 3, 4 or 5 tandems in our plane depending on how many tandems purchase the freefall DVD option. Where possible we try and jump you with your friends or family - we can discuss options with you further when you come out to skydive.

How many fit in the plane? We can fit 3, 4 or 5 tandems in the plane. It depends on video options you choose - camera flyers take up some seats.

What if the weather is bad? We do not jump if the weather is not good. If you are not able to skydive when you are booked we can re-book you later on during the day, or on the following day depending on the weather and your schedule.

What does freefall feel like? Freefalling is like floating on a bed of air - you have no sensation of actually falling. 

How long is the freefall? From 15,000ft - 60 seconds, and from 12,000ft - 45 seconds.



Skydive Lake Wanaka has the best safety record in New Zealand. During our 15 years of operation we have never had a serious accident or injury. We have an exemplary safety record and we are committed to keeping it that way.

We are an experienced team of dedicated professionals, our attitude towards personal service and safety means you skydive with the best. We use the latest state of the art parachute equipment which is well maintained and our instructors are hand-picked for their experience and attitude.


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