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Puzzling World
Stuart Landsborough's Puzzling World is a world-unique attraction with the theme of puzzling eccentricity! Take some amazing photos of our crazy buildings and Roman toilets, our Illusion Rooms must be seen to be believed and the Great Maze, the worlds first 'modern-styled' maze, is a fascinating challenge for the whole family. Operating since 1973, this is a true Kiwi icon and a must-see on any tourist itinerary.

Main Office: 188 Wanaka-Luggate Highway 84, Wanaka


Purchase of food available onsite: Yes


Operating Hours: 8:30 to 5:30pm


Christmas Day: 10:00am to 3:00pm


Distance from Town: 2km


Minimum child age: 5


Maximum child age: 15

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Help Notes:

  • Puzzle Centre: The world's first Puzzle Centre allows visitors the chance to test their mental agility on a choice of dozens of puzzles.
  • Shopping: Puzzling World also offers one of the largest Puzzle gift shops in the country. From New Zealand made wooden puzzles, string puzzles and metal creations to the latest family games, all ages and all abilities are covered. A wide range of Illusion postcards, posters and books are available along with tourist collectibles, t-shirts and oddities found only at Puzzling World! We offer a world-wide postage service and a large on-line gift shop for those with no room left in their suitcases!
  • Cafe: For those who want a bite to eat, Puzzling World also offers an extensive range of food and drink at their on-site cafe. Diners are welcome to use the many Puzzle Centre tables inside or in the large sunny courtyard outside.
  • Access to the Puzzle Centre, Roman Toilets, gift shop and cafe are included in any ticket purchased.
  • An extension is planned for our Illusion Rooms complex - to be built during late 2011/early 2012. This should not affect our operation.



It's raining so can I pay to do the Illusion Rooms today and then the Maze tomorrow?

Yes - each attraction has it's own charge, however if you buy a combo ticket (all attractions)you can only use this on the day of your visit.

I have a group - do I receive a discount? If you are all purchasing the combo ticket we can offer families and groups of 10 passengers (or more) a reduced rate.

Available Activities:

The World's first 3-D modern-styled maze, the Great Maze was built in 1973 and began a world-wide "Maze Craze". Using pathways, underpasses and over-bridges visitors must negotiate over 1.5 kms to find the corner coloured towers before finding the exit to the middle courtyard. Emergency Exits are built into the design to assit those with little time or patience! Allow 30 mins - 1 hr 

Access to the Great Maze from 8:30pm to 6:30pm

The Maze requires walking and stair climbing and will involve the visitor becoming 'lost" - babies and infants are required to have an adult with them to carry/assist them.

As the Maze is outdoors wet weather gear is required if it's raining

If a Great Maze ticket is purchased we do not offer refunds should the visitor decide to not fulfil this unless for a valid reason (i.e not weather-related).


The four Illusion Rooms of Puzzling World offer a fascinating and surreal insight into the workings of your mind! The Hologram Hall has one of the largest displays of 3-D Hologram photos in the world. Allow 30 mins for the Illusion Rooms, The Hall of Following Faces is a world unique experience where 168 famous faces seemingly follow you everywhere you go! The Ames Room demonstrates the illusion of false perspective. Stand in one corner and you will be a giant, switch sides to become a dwarf! The Tilted House is full of impossible looking illusions. Can Water really flow uphill? Sit on a on a monorail and ride from floor to ceiling downhill!

Access to the Illusion Rooms from 8.30pm to 5.30pm

The Illusion Rooms involve moving parts, sloping floors and can over-excite younger children! - Children are required to have an adult with them to supervise.

Does not include access to the Great Maze.

Ramps throughout the Illusion Rooms allow prams, wheelchairs etc easy access.

If an Illusion Room ticket is purchased we do not offer refunds should the visitor decide to not fulfil this unless for a valid reason (i.e not time-related).


Allowing access to both the Illusion Rooms and Great Maze you can enjoy a day (or just an hour) of mind and body-stretching enetertainment the iconic Great Maze, the world's first "3-D" maze, is a fascinating challenge for all ages and patience levels! The Illusion Rooms must be seen to be believed – each room is designed to test reality and leave you astounded!


Access to the Illusion Rooms from 8:30pm to 5:30pm, access to the Great Maze from 8:30pm to 6:30pm.

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